How do I request additional information from the customer?

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Asking additional information from customers can always be useful, which is why this article explains this in more detail.

Do you want to know how these created questions can be activated? Read about activating questions here.

These additional questions can be created under the Data fields tab, which can be found by clicking on the settings tab in the leftmost column.

The question can be created via the +Add new field button on the right. First, a choice will have to be made: What kind of answer do I want from the customer?

Text - With this option, the customer can simply enter a piece of text or numbers themselves. 

Number - Here the customer can only use numbers.

Selection - Here the customer can choose from several options.

Checkbox - The customer can click a box here.

Phone - The customer could enter their telephone number here, the system will not accept any other number. 

Country - Here the customer can choose from a list of countries.

Email - Here the customer can enter an email address.

Date - Here a date can be selected from a calendar.

File - Here the customer could upload a PDF, JPG, or PNG file. 

After this choice, the following screen appears:


This name is not visible to the customer, but more to keep it organized, once this name has been confirmed it will no longer be possible to change it.


This name will be visible to customers and can be changed as often as necessary.


This description is also shown to customers under the title, so additional explanation can be provided here.

Sensitive information

When asked for personal information, such as their email address or phone number, this button should work enabled. This has no impact on demand, but it makes the information in the system even more secure.

After entering this information, click on the blue save button located in the bottom right corner. And then click the blue save button in the bottom left corner.

You can read how this question can be activated in the following article: How do I activate my created question?

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