How do I look up a transaction?

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This article describes where a customer's payment can be found in the system. This can be useful, for example, if the customer has lost his or her ticket.

Would you like more information about finding a customer? Then take a look at the following article: How do I look for a customer?

The order can be found under the 'Transactions' tab in the leftmost column.

An order can be looked up here via the name that can be entered at the top left of the screen. Or via 'Filters' at the top right of the screen, where you can search for the customer's email address.

Some additional information about the order is immediately available:

Status - Has the order been completed?

Payment status - Has the order been paid?

Amount -  How much did the order cost?

Date - What date and time were the tickets purchased?

When you click on an order, even more information appears, including a lot of general information about the order.


This lists all the types of tickets the customer has purchased, how much of each ticket they purchased and how much it cost.


Here you will find more information about the ticket. When you click on one of the tickets, more information about the ticket will appear on the right. Below is the most important information that can be found there:


Behind the status of the ticket you can see whether the ticket is 'Valid' or 'invalid'.

In addition, there are also 2 options under the status:

Invalidate - Pressing this button will invalidate the ticket. Others can now buy this ticket again.

Back to DETAILSREQUIRED - By pressing this button, the customer is asked again to personalize the ticket. Instead of 'Valid', the status will then be followed by 'Detailsrequired'. 

When the customer then tries to open his or her ticket, it will look like this:

Check in

For example, a specific ticket type can be checked in manually if, for example, the scanning app does not work but it is certain that this ticket belongs to this person.

Send E-mailThis ticket that has been clicked can be sent again via email with this button. (only this ticket will be sent again)

DownloadThe ticket can be downloaded with this button

ShowThis button displays the ticket on the computer but does not download it.

This page also contains more information about the payment method, the invoices, the history of this order and more information about the customer.

Then there is another important button at the bottom right of the screen: Open actions

When this is selected, several more options will appear:

Send tickets - All tickets from this order will be sent again to the customer's email address.

Send transaction - The proof of payment for this order will be sent again to the customer's email address.

Confirmation page - This allows you to see what the customer sees as a confirmation page after the purchase.

Print - With this option the tickets can be printed.

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