How do I adjust a copied ticket design?

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A copied ticket design means a ticket design that adapts an existing ticket design. Twelve Ticketing has already created a number of examples that can also be adjusted. an explanation about this is explained in this article.

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1. How do I copy an existing design

You can copy an existing ticket design under the 'Templates' tab, which can be found under the 'Settings' tab in the leftmost column.

The following screen will then appear on this page:

To copy one of these designs, you will have to click on the copy button that is circled in the first example. This copy can then be given a name after which the blue 'Create' button can be clicked.

2. How do I edit this design?

The design can be edited by clicking on the name of the design, for example the following screen will appear:

Everything on the ticket can be dragged using the left mouse button. To delete something you can click on the item and then click on the delete or backspace button on your own keyboard.

1. Text

With this option you can add extra text. On the right side of the screen there are additional settings for the text such as the font or text size.

Do you want to add variable text? Then this can also start and end the text with {{ ... }}.

2. Squares

With this option a square can appear on the ticket, on the right side of the screen you will find additional settings. For example, the square can be given a different color, or the square can become a circle by setting the 'Corner radius' to the highest.


3. Image

Here you can choose an image that is already in Vivenu or a photo can be uploaded. This image can be placed anywhere on the ticket.

4. Background

Here you can choose an image that is already in Vivenu or a photo can be uploaded. This image can then be used as the background of the entire ticket or for part of the ticket. Multiple photos can also be used here.

5. QR-code

With this option a QR code can be added to the ticket.

6. Barcode

With this option a barcode can be added to the ticket.

7. Edit assistance

When this editing help is enabled, lines will appear on the screen when things are moved on the ticket, this way it is easier to keep the things on the ticket the same or it is easier, for example, to place something in the middle. posted.

8. Preview

Here you can preview what the ticket will look like.

Were you looking for other information? Perhaps the following article will help you on your way: Ticket design general information

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