Setting up Zebra scanner

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This manual describes how a zebra scanner should be set up. You can switch on the scanner using the button on top of the scanner next to the laser.

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Step 1. Download the app

Step 2. Open the settings

Step 3. Download profile

Step 4. Open data wedge

step 5. Go to downloaded folders

Step 6. Check

Step 7. Vivenu app

Stap 1. Download the app

First of all, the app will have to be downloaded if it is not already on the zebra scanner. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store and can be found under the name Vivenu Event Manager. The app can be recognized by the following logo:

Stap 2. Open the settings

After the app has been downloaded, this app can be opened. When the app is open, the settings can be opened, which can be found at the bottom right of the screen near the gear. In the settings there is a heading Zebra Integration at the very bottom.

Stap 3. Download profile

Under the heading Zebra Integration there is the option Download profile, click on this. After downloading, this app can be closed for now.

Stap 4. Open data wedge

After closing the Vivenu app, the Datawedge app can be opened, this app is already on the scanner by default. Go to the settings in this app again by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, then click on Settings. Scroll down a bit here and then click on Import Profile.

stap 5. Go to downloaded folders

The following screen appears after opening Import Profile:

On this screen, click on the 2 dots next to each other. Keep clicking on this until the Downloads heading appears. Then click on Downloads and click on the vivenu file that you just downloaded in the vivenu app. This file will be named something like this: dwprofile_vivenu.db.

Stap 6. Check

You can check whether this download has been completed successfully by returning to the home screen of the Datawedge app. Vivenu should now be on the 4th line. If this is not there, the connection has not yet been successful.

Stap 7. Vivenu app

The Datawedge can then be closed again. When the vivenu app is opened again, the tickets can be scanned using the yellow buttons on the side of the scanner.

There may be a message in the vivenu app that says: 'You might need to add a profile to the Datawedge app. For more information head over to the settings.'

As long as all the steps above have been completed correctly, this message does not matter, you could simply scan the tickets. 

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