How do I create a recurring event?

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This article explains how a recurring event can be created. This is an event that occurs multiple times.

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  1. Creating a recurring event
  2. Create tickets
  3. Create schedule
  4. Create recurrences

1. Creating a recurring event

You can create a new event via the Events tab, which can be found in the leftmost column. On this page there is a blue button with New event at the top right of the screen. The following screen will then appear:

Event header
An image could be selected here and then displayed above the event. The image can be added by clicking the Select button.

Recurring Event
The Recurring Event option should be selected to create a recurring event 

Event name
The name of the event can be entered here; this name can also be changed at a later time.

The location of the event can be entered here. 

Maximum amount of tickets
Here you can set the maximum number of tickets that can be sold for the event.

Maximum tickets per order
The maximum number of tickets that a customer can order at a time can be entered here.

When all data has been entered, you can click on the blue Create event button.

2. Create tickets

Tickets will then have to be created. How these tickets can be created is explained in the following article: How do I add tickets to my event?

3. Create schedule

Creating a schedule is necessary in order to be able to create the recurrences. A scheme is a group of tickettypes. Schemes can later be linked to recurrences, to create different pricing-strategies for different days or times of day.

You can create a schedule by going to 'Recurrences' and then the Schemes tab.

Under the Schemes tab there is a blue Add scheme button at the top right, through which a scheme can be created. The following screen will then appear:

A name can be entered here and, if necessary, a color can be given to this scheme.

You can then click on the blue confirm button, which can be found at the bottom right.

You can then choose the tickets that are available. Are all tickets available? Then the button with All ticket types available can be enabled.

4. Create recurrences

After creating a schedule, it is time to create a recurrence. This can be done under the Calendar tab instead of Schemes. On that page there is a blue button at the top right with Add recurrence, via which a new recurrence can be created. The following screen will then appear:

Select the schedule you just created here.

Time Range
Here you can enter the start date and an end date. This end date could also be years away.

Here you can enter what time the event starts each time, and what time the event ends each time.

Here you can select whether the event will be repeated daily, weekly or monthly. If weekly is selected, the days can also be selected.

At the bar next to it you can choose how many days/weeks/months the event will take place.

Sales start
Here you can enter how many days before the event the tickets will go on sale, and a time can also be set for this.

Sales end
Here you can enter how many days before the event the sale ends.

This option is not necessary and can just as well be disabled.

You can then click on the blue Confirm button.

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