How do I add a discount code?

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This article describes how to create a discount code that can be used at all events. Do you want to know how you can show a ticket using a discount code? This is explained in the following article: How do I add a code so that hidden tickets become visible in the ticket shop?

This discount code can be created under the 'Discounts' tab that can be found in the right-most column. On this page there is a blue button at the top right with the text 'Create promo code', where a new discount code can be created.

First of all, the discount code can be turned on or off here. When the discount code is created, it is important that it is also activated. This can be done with the 'Activate' button.

A name for the discount code can also be entered here, so that different codes are easier to distinguish. This can be done under Promo code name, below under 'Code' the discount code that customers should use can be entered. If no code is entered, the system will create a code.

Single usage

When this button is enabled, the discount code can only be used once for 1 transaction.

Below you can indicate how often the discount code could be redeemed. Here you can choose whether quantity is in general or per event or per tickets sold.

Can this promo code be combined?

When this button is activated, the customer can combine discount codes, with this option also activated.

In the left field you can choose a type of discount, the following options are available:

Nominal discount 

With this form of discount, a fixed amount is deducted from the entire order.

Nominal discount per item

With this form of discount, a fixed amount is deducted per ticket

Variable discount

This discount depends on a percentage, so the discount is determined by the total amount and how much percent discount has been set. With the variable discount, a maximum amount can be entered for the amount of discount.

In the right field you can enter the amount of the discount. For nominal discount/nominal discount per item, this amount is automatically entered in euros. With variable discount, the quantity is automatically entered in percent.

Redeemable until

The date until which the discount code is valid can be entered here.

Restrict number of tickets

When this option is enabled, there can only be a maximum number of tickets in the customer's shopping cart with this discount code.

Allow all events

When this option is enabled, this discount code can be applied to any event and the discount code is also valid for any ticket type.

Selected events

If the discount code is intended for a specific event, this event can be selected here. To choose an event, click on 'add event'. An event will then automatically be displayed. On the arrow next to that event, a choice can be made between all events.

Important! When a discount code is created for 1 specific ticket type, choose the event it concerns here. Then disable the 'Allow all tickets' button. The following option will then appear under the 'Allow all tickets' option: 

You can click on this to add the ticket for which the code is intended.

Allow all tickets

This option is automatically enabled, this discount code can then be applied to all ticket types of the event. When this option is turned off, you can select an event and/or ticket type as indicated above.

Reveal hidden ticket types

This option appears when 'Allow all tickets' is disabled. More information about this option can be read in the following article: How do I add a code so that hidden tickets become visible in the ticket shop?

If the discount code is intended for a specific customer, this customer can be selected here. This must be a customer who is already in the system.

It is important to click on the blue 'Create' button after entering the details to create the discount code.

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