To sell combined tickets, the season ticket module can be used. Please note that this only works for combined sales of events that only consist of admission products. Events that are part of a combi-card cannot contain additional products (such as camping tickets, locker tickets, shuttle bus tickets, dinner packages, etc.). Of course, it is possible to sell these via a separate event.

Creating a combi-card goes as follows:

  1. Create the different events that you want to sell. Please note: each event can only be sold in one combination.
  2. Give each event at least one access product (more is also possible) with the maximum number of tickets that you want to sell.
  3. Do not forget to set the event capacity to the total number of places available.
  4. Create a combination event. Give it as an event capacity the maximum number of combination tickets you want to sell.
  5. Give this combination event a ticket type with the combination tariff you want to offer and the number of combination tickets you want to sell.
  6. In case you want to offer multiple fares for the same combination of events, you can create multiple ticket types in this combination event. (For example: combi card adults and combi card youth)
  7. In the menu on the left, go to 'Seasons'.
  8. Click on 'New season' at the top right
  9. Enter a name for your combi-ticket and a description if required. Also enter the start time of the first event and the end time of the last event.
  10. At 'Seasonal event', select the combination event you created in step 4.
  11. In the menu on the left, go to 'Accessible events' and add the events you want to make accessible with this combi card.
  12. Find the combination event in the list of events and start the sales. You can also sell single tickets for several events at the same time. When the individual tickets for one of the events included in the combi card are sold out, the combi card will automatically be shown as sold out.