How to set-up an event with timeslots?

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For some events, it may be more convenient for visitors to receive tickets with a specific date and time. This could include museum visits or attending a theater performance that is played multiple times a day. You can easily set this up yourself using the following guide

Create an event as explained here. For 'Date & Time': choose 'No date' and select the first opening day as your start date.

In the sub-menu on the left, choose 'Timeslots'

Click '+ New day scheme' in the top right corner

The new day scheme you're creating can be linked to an infinite number of dates in your calendar.

Example: when every monday has the same openinghours and timeslots, you can create a dayscheme called monday, set-up the right timeslots and link this dayscheme to any number of mondays with these opening hours.

Choose a name for your new dayscheme, an optional description and a color (the color will only be visible in the backoffice calendar and not in your ticketshop)

Choose an opening time and closing time for your new dayscheme. 

Timeslots will only be generated within these times. The closing time corresponds with the end time of the last timeslot of the day.

Choose the length of each timeslot under 'Interval'. Timeslots can NOT overlap

Choose the standard capacity for each timeslot. This is the maximum amount of visitors per timeslot.

Click 'Generate timeblocks'

Continue with creating tickets

How to change dayscheme's, close days or close timeslots?

First go to the backoffice ( and select the event you want to edit. Then select 'Timeslots' in the menu on the left.

Add days:

  • Click the date (or dates) you want to open, click on the dropdown and select the dayscheme you would like to activate on this specific day. It's also possible to open several days in a specific month at once. To do this, select all the days within the month which you would like to open and then select the dayscheme from the dropdown menu below.

Change dayscheme's or close timeslots:

  • Click the three dots behind the dayscheme you want to change and click the pencil. Timeslots will be shown at the bottom of the next page. You can now: 

  • Delete timeblocks (for instance when you're closed for lunch) by clicking the three dots and then the trash icon. (Now you're deleting the bracket from 12:00 - 13:00).

  • Change the capacity of individual timeslots, by clicking the three dots, then the pencil, then change the capacity and click 'Save'. (Now the capacity will go from 100 to 50).

Closing days:

  • Click the date (or dates) you want to close, click on the dropdown and select 'None'

Close a time bracket of a specific date, without deleting it:

At the header "Assigned dates" you can chose a specific date within the day scheme. In this way you can change the settings of that one day. If there are too many days, you can search for the date in the search field above. Important: You must fill in the field in the same way that the dates are shown below. (When sellecting the language in English, the days will be shown in the English way of writing, so month/day/year. This can be different when customers send screenshots of their order when they have a different langauge, day/month/year).

On the next page you can change the status of a specific time bracket. By clicking on it, you can close the "On sale" button, so the time bracket will not be shown in the shop. The rest of the time brackets will still be shown!

By clicking on "Save" in the top right corner, you can save the changings that you made.

It is not possible to change dayschemes for days where tickets have already been sold! Please contact your account manager when changing these days. 

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