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The turnover generated on the Twelve Ticketing platform is processed via the Payment Service Provider (hereafter PSP). The default PSP of Twelve Ticketing is

The email addresses submitted for authorized signatories of your company will become standard account holders at the platform. You can log in to the Pay platform via URL If no login details are known, reset them by clicking on 'Lost password'.

The turnover made on the platform is transferred daily, weekly (on Monday) or monthly (first Monday of the month) to the business IBAN account. This is done monthly by default, but this can be adjusted in consultation with your account manager. This clearing takes place from the suspense account at and is deposited into the business account between 12:00 and 15:00.

You can download a specification for each payout in the admin area of, which can be used to report the transferred turnover in your administration.

On the dashboard, click the arrow next to “Previous Clearing” to navigate to the Financial overview page. In addition to all financial data, this page also provides an overview of the Payment History, Clearing History and future clearings.

A payout can consist of multiple clearings when a different payout period is chosen - or when there is not enough balance available for a payout.

In the Payment history box you can see an overview of all already processed payments to your account - when you click on the cog a clearing file will be generated which will be available for download when it is fully created.

Clearing Specification

The clearing specifications are made up of 3 folders:


  • The Clearings folder contains a PDF containing an overview of the totals processed in the clearing. Sometimes a payout contains multiple clearings.


  • The Summary folder contains a summary of the transactions per day, turnover category and payment method.


  • The Transactions folder contains mutation cards of all transactions in the payment. These transaction cards are available in MT940 format (to be imported into an accounting program) and CSV format.


The following references are provided to the payment processor from Twelve Ticketing.


Description = Description of the event that has been purchased

EMAIL = The email address entered by the consumer in Twelve Ticketing.

Turnover = the amount paid on the applicable transaction

Extra_1 = the PurchaseID in twelveticketing - based on this number, the order structure of the payment is displayed in the Twelve Ticketing box office.

Extra_2 = The event ID with which the event was created in the Twelve Ticketing back office.

Other columns in the transaction breakdowns do not come from the ticketing platform, but can be useful for reporting purposes.

Consumer Name:

ORDER_ID - the order reference from the payment processor - this code can also be found on the consumer's bank statements.

CUSTOMER_ID - The IBAN number or card number of the consumer

CLEARING_ID - The reference of the clearing that processed this payment.

Click here for an explanation of the billing process.

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