How do I add a code so that hidden tickets become visible in the ticket shop?

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This article explains how hidden tickets become visible again in the ticket shop by means of a code. Do you just want to add a discount code? Then read the following article: How do I add a discount code?

1. How do I create a hidden ticket?

In the settings of a ticket type, under the Presentation tab, there is the Hide option. When this option is enabled, the ticket is not visible in the ticket shop.

If you want only 1 ticket to be purchased per code, you can also set the Maximum number of tickets per order to 1 under the 'Sales' tab. Under step 2 you can allow a code to only be used once. In this way, each code can only be used once after which only one ticket can be added to the order.

2. How do I create a code so that this ticket becomes visible?

Step 1. Where can I create a code

A code can be created under the Discount tab in the rightmost column, on the blue Create promo code button at the top right.

Step 2. Enter code

First of all, the discount code can be turned on or off here. When the discount code is created, it is important that it is also activated, this can be done with the Activate button.

A name for the discount code can also be entered here, so that different codes are easier to distinguish. This can be done under Promo code name, below which under Code the discount code that customers should use can be entered. If no code is entered, the system will create a code.

Maximum redemption

You can also enter the Maximum redemption field. This indicates how often this code can be used.


Then select a form of discount (it doesn't matter which one), and then enter 0 in the right field.

Expiration Date

You can also enter a date until which the code is valid.

Select events

Here the event can be selected by clicking the Add event button and then clicking the arrow to select the event.

Redeemable for

Disable the Allow all events option here so that the other options appear. 

First, select "Reveal hidden ticket types".

Then select the tickets that are hidden by clicking on the gray bar.

Step 1. Click on the eventStep 2. Click on 'Add'

Step 3. Click on the arrow to choose the hidden ticket

Step 4. If there are multiple tickets, repeat steps 2 & 3

When everything has been filled in, you can click on the blue Create button at the bottom right

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