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This article provides more insight into how additional additions can be entered for the different ticket types. This will have to be completed individually for each ticket type. How to create a ticket can be found in the following article: How do I add tickets to my event?

To access these settings, click on the 3 dots located under the blue arrow.

By clicking on the 3 dots, an edit page will appear on the right side of your screen.

Below you will see an image with the page numbers.

1. General


The name of the ticket type will appear again in the first field, and in the box below you can explain some more about the ticket type.

Data Query

Requires personalization

By enabling this button, the customer is obliged to personalize the ticket with the first and last name of the person who will visit the location or event.

Cancellation option

Disabled - With this option it is not possible to cancel tickets. 

Free Tickets - With this option it is possible to cancel the free tickets.

2. Sales 


The number of tickets of this ticket type will be shown here and the price that had already been entered at an earlier time. However, a VAT percentage can be entered here under 'Tax rate on ticket type'.

Sales start

When this button is enabled, a date can be entered, on which date this ticket type will go on sale. This start date is therefore independent of the general sales start.

Sales end

By enabling this button, a sales end date can be set for this particular ticket type. This date is independent of the general end time of the sale.


Minimum number of tickets per order

Here you can enter the minimum number of tickets that someone must purchase per order.

Maximum number of tickets per order

Here you can enter the maximum number of tickets that someone can purchase per order.


Fixed fee per ticket

Here you can enter a ticket fee for this particular ticket type. For more information about setting fees, please continue to the following article: How do I set service fees?


Ignore for max amounts

By activating this button you have, as it were, an infinite number of tickets of this particular ticket type. When this setting is enabled, the maximum quantities set for the event and ticket category are no longer taken into account.

3. Presentation


Mark as recommended

When you enable this button, that ticket will be listed as recommended in the ticket shop.


When a ticket is hidden, it cannot be seen in the ticket shop. Unless the customer has a code, when this code is entered, the ticket will appear. Read how to add a code in the following article: How do I add a code so that hidden tickets become visible in the ticket shop?

Show availability

When you enable this function, the ticket shop can show how many tickets of this ticket type are still available.

Ignore starting price

In the ticket shop settings there is an option to show the starting price of the tickets in the ticket shop. Once this has been set, you can also choose to enable this function. This function means that this ticket does not participate in determining the starting price.

Custom ticket thumbnail

Here you can choose an image that will appear next to this ticket type in the ticket webshop. If this option is not set, only the name of the ticket type will be displayed.

4. Ticket

Custom ticket design

A ticket design can be set here, for more information about this you can read the following article: How do I link my design to a ticket?

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