How do I create a 'free' payment method?

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 01:14 PM

How do I create a new payment method (to send out free tickets)?

Sometimes this payment method is not set by default on every account and you still have to create it. You do this by following the steps below. 

Click o n the bottom left in de back office ( the heading 'More' and then 'Payment methods'. Then click on '+ New payment method' at the top right.

1. Give the payment method a name. In this case, always name it something like 'No payment needed'.

2. Assign your organization to the payment method. 

3. Do not check this box. If you do this, then there is an option in the general webshop where visitors do not have to pay. If you leave it as shown in the example, it will only be accessible to the admnistrator of your account. 

4. Explain the payment method (if you only use payment method to send something for free, this is not that important, but mandatory)

How do I add the 'No payment needed' option to the Boxoffice?

Click on 'Sales channels' in the middle of the left screen and then on the sales channel to which the tickets you want to send are linked. Always choose Boxoffice. This ensures that this option only ends up in the Boxoffice and not in the webshop.

After clicking on it, several options will appear on the left under the heading 'Sales channels' to click on, in this case 'Payment methods' is the most important, click on this one. 

Now add 'No payment needed' to all payment methods. Do this by clicking on 'Include payment method', select your own method and then 'Include'. 

'Geen betaling nodig' means in Dutch 'No payment needed'

It is now possible to send out free tickets in the Boxoffice (

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