How do I add a sales channel to my ticket sales?

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What is a sales channel?

A sales channel is the environment in which your visitor can buy tickets for your event. When creating an event, 2 sales channels are automatically created named 'Online' and 'Boxoffice'. 'Online' ensures that the tickets are available online via a sales link, and 'Boxoffice' ensures that the tickets are also available in the operator. All tickets and events are automatically added to these 2 sales channels. 

It is the best to think of the sales channels as the windows of your event. You can then decide for yourself which events and tickettypes are visible in your shop.

Now it may be that you prefer to have a seperate webshop for the same event, with different tickets that are only available for a certain group. For example:

  • A pre-sale
  • Friendtickets
  • Tickets with a discount
  • VIP tickets

It is best to create these tickets and then assign them to sales channelsother than the default sales channels. We explain how below. 

How do I create a sales channel?

Click on the heading 'Sales channels' on the left side of the screen and then on '+ New sales channel' at the top right. 

You are now on the page where tou will set up the important information for your sales channel. Give the sales channel a name (such as 'friend tickets' or 'promo tickets') and then assign which organization you want to use this sales channel for. 

Always choose online for type, so that people can purchase tickets online. 

When creating a sales channel, all payment methodes are automatically added. So possily als payment methods that are not active within your contract. Make sure you remove unused payment methods from that sales channel. 

How do I ensure that the created sales channel becomes active for certain tickets?

NOTE: It is essential that you assign a sales channel to an event before you can add it to specific tickets. We will go through this step by step in the following text. 

You have just created a sales channel, but is does not contain any information or tickets yet. To get started, go to the event you would like to add the sales channel to. You do this by clicking 'Event details' and scrolling all the way down. 

At the bottom of the page is the heading 'Sales channels'. As mentoned earlier, 'Online' and 'Boxoffice' are always set here automatically. To add your own sales channel now, check 'Edit' and click '+ Include sales channel'.

Then click on the sales channel you want to add to your event and click 'Include' at the bottom.

Because of these settings, it is now possible to click on special tickets that you only want to have visibile in your new sales channel. 

Go to the ticket you want to show in the sales channel only and scroll all the way down to 'Sales channels'.

1. Click on 'Incluse sales channel'

2. Select your new sales channel en click 'Include'

3. Remove the 'Online' sales channel by clicking on the 3 dots on the right and then on the trash can. 

4. The heading sales channels at the tickets now looks like this. 

NOTE: Step 3 is the most important step. If you forget this step, the special ticket can also be viewed in the normal shop and therefore also available to people who may not be entitled to it. 

The correct tickets have now been added to your sales channel. You can easily access your sales channel by looking at 'Overview' (under tickets). Your sales channels can now be found under your event information. Clicking on it will take you to the webshop that the visitor will see. 

How can I send my sales channel to the right people?

By clicking on 'Sales channels' on the left and then on your specific channel, you will now be taken to a page with its settings. 

Below this information you will find a URL link (this is automatically created for every sales channel you create), to the webshop with the relevant tickets in it. You can share this link in your own way with people who are entitle to it. This way, only those special tickets will be shown in their shop. 

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