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This page is key in your seat management.
It will allow you to allocate categories, entrances, lockcodes and statuses. 

Understand the options at your disposal

Above the seat map, you will see the following icons. 

 Pan tool. use it to navigate on the map by clicking and dragging to the desired zone. To zoom on the desired zone, you can place your mouse over that zone and use your mouse wheel. 

Polygon select tool. You will use it mostly to select (or un-select) one or multiple specific seats. You can also use it as a pen to draw the desired seat selection, and adjust afterwards since the hand-drawn polygons are not the most precise. 

Rectangle select tool. Place your mouse on one seat (a corner of the expected rectangle), then click, draw your rectangle as desired, and release. 

Zone select tool. Click on a zone and it will automatically select all the seats within this zone. 

Toggle / erase selection tool. Use it to unselect some of the seats that are currently selected. The idea is to associate it with one of the three types of selection listed above to reproduce their selection behaviour. 

Toggle / highlight mode. This is actually more useful on the left-hand side next to each category/lock codes, etc. Clicking on this little icon there will highlight the seats within that group on your map so that you can locate them on the map, but not select them. They will be highlighted in black, and you can then make your selection within these seats, that will appear white.

Toggle / entrance view. This will allow you to show the zones according to the entrance they have been assigned. The entrance menu on the left will collapse showing you the different colours so that you can visually match seats with the entrance they have been assigned. To assign entrance to seats, see below. To create entrances, please visit this page. Note that assigning an entrance to seats is useful if you wish to add the Entrance field on your ticket design for the users to know where to go when they get to the venue. But entrances cannot be shown on the seat map. 

Toggle / full screen. Switch to full screen view. 

Configure your seats

Once you have selected the seats you wish to configure, you can use this panel: 

  1. Select the seats you wish to configure on the seat map using one of the methods explained above.

  2. Click on the appropriate drop-down menu and pick your option for what you wish to configure: CategoryLock code, Status, Entrance.
    Note that the default value for each, even if not shown, is "No category / Unlocked / Available / No entrance". If you want to keep one or several of the 4 fields with the default value, you can leave it as is, no need to pick the default option from the drop-down list. But if you are reassured by going through all 4 fields so it's totally fine of course.

  3. Click on "Preview below". If you changed the seats to a category with a different colors, you should see the changes happen in the seat map.

  4. If you are happy with your changes, click Save in the upper right corner

Example: there we selected a zone that was configured as "Roofed standard". 
We want to allocate these seats to the "Goal left" category instead, and to assign an entrance to these seats. 
We selected the zone with the zone selection tool. Then chose "Goal left" in the category menu, and "Main entrance" in the entrance menu. 

Steps 1, 2, 3
Steps 3, 4
Steps 1, 2, 3
Steps 3, 4

⚠️ Once this is saved, clicking on a seat that has been configured beforehand will not display the configuration in the dropdown menus on the left. But clicking on se desired groups on the left will help you make sure your seats have the right configuration.

Example: if tomorrow I want to check that my configuration on these seats is still correct, I will click on the "Goal left" category on the left and check that it selects all the seats in my zone. Then I can clear my selection, and click on the "Main entrance" line under "Entrances", and check again that it selects all the seats in my zone.  

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