How do I create a (new) season and start the sale of seasoncards?

Modified on Mon, 05 Sep 2022 at 02:28 PM

  • Create a new (seasoncard) event by clicking 'New event' under 'Events'.
  • Create tickettypes in this event for all the available seasoncards you want to sell.
  • Link the seatmap to this event (if you have one).
  • Create a new season under 'Seasons' and link this season to the seasoncard event you just created.
  • Create a new event for the first match of the season.
    • Also create all single ticket tickettypes for this match, but DON'T link a seatmap to this event or add ticket categories
  • Click on the newly created season under 'Seasons' and click 'Accessible events'. Add the first match to the season.
  • Click on the first match (under 'Events') and add all tickettypes to the correct zones in the seatmap.
  • When everything in the first match is correctly filled in:
    • Copy the first match to create the other matches in the season. They will automatically be added to the same season.
    • Don't forget to change the name, date/time and start sale times (if applicable) for every newly copied match.
    • IMPORTANT: you also have to link the tickettypes for each match to the correct zones!

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