How to change dayscheme's, close days or close timeslots?

  • Closing days:
    • Click the date you want to close, click on the dropdown and select 'None' 
  • Change dayscheme's or close timeslots:
  • Click the three dots behind the dayscheme you want to change and click the pencil. Timeslots will be shown at the bottom of the next page. You can now: 
    • Delete timeblocks (for instance when you're closed for lunch) by clicking the three dots and then the trash icon
    • Change the capacity of individual timeslots, by clicking the three dots, then the pencil, then change the capacity and click 'Save'
    • Close one specific timeslot without removing it, by clicking the three dots, then the pencil and then uncheck 'In sale' and click 'Save'
  • Click the red button with 'Add' in the top right corner to save your edited dayscheme

It is not possible to change dayschemes for days where tickets have already been sold! Please contact your account manager when changing these days.