How to add ticket categories?

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Add ticket categories

Ticket categories are intended to organize the ticketshop in a clear and organized manner, so that different types of tickets can be kept seperate from each other.

  1. Go to ‘Events', select the events for which you want to add ticket categories and click ‘Ticket categories’

2. Click ‘Add ticket category’

3. Add a name (and optional translations) for your new ticket category. It is also possible to choose a background color. 

4. Optionally: add an 'order' in which ticket categories should be shown. Higher numbers will be placed lower in your ticketshop.

5. Click 'Add' to add your new ticket category.

6. After adding different ticket categories, this will look like the image below.

7. Select at the bottom under 'Category' which tickets should be shown in which ticket category.

8. When the tickets are classified under the correct ticket category, this will look like this:

9. Click 'Save' in the upper right corner.

  • The tickets are now divided into categories, In the ticketshop it looks like this:

Display discount tickets at the top

When working with discount codes, it is possible to have certain tickets unlocked after entering a discount code. It is important that the tickets are shown at the top, so that the ticket buyer has direct access to the discount ticket. 

1. First of all, it is important to add a ticket that is intended for the discount. 

2. Then you link a promotional code to the relevant ticket.

3. When a ticket and promotion code have been created, a new ticket category will need to be added to display the discount ticket at the top of the ticket page. 

4. For example, name this ticket category: 'Discount ticket' and set the order to 1. The other ticket categories will have to contain higher numbers to show them under the discount ticket. The ticket category 'Discount ticket' will now appear at the top of the page when the discount code had been entered.

5. The relevant discount ticket can then be added to the ticket category that must be unlocked with the discount code. 

6. Click on 'Save'.

7. Go back to the ticketshop.

8. Enter the appropriate promotional code. After this the discount ticket will be unlocked, as shown in the image below. 

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