How to create your own ticketdesign?

Modified on Tue, 17 May 2022 at 09:34 AM

When you don't create a new ticketdesign, the standard design will always be used.

When you create a new design for a specific event, you base it on the standard design and then change the content. Afterwards you link it to your event using 'Ticket templates'. 

  • Go to 'Design' --> 'Ticket layouts'
  • Click 'New layout'
  • Enter a name for your new design and select your Organizer name
  • Choose 'Existing layout' and select the standard layout
  • Edit the newly created design (more on this below)
  • Save the design (green button)
  • Go to 'Design' --> 'Ticket templates'
  • Click 'New template'
  • Give the new template a name and select your Organizer name
  • Select the newly created Ticket Layout
  • Under 'Event' choose the event to which you want to link the new layout
  • Click 'Add'

More information on the editor:

  • How to add text
    • Enter text in the textfield and click 'Add text'
    • The text will be shown in the Main area on the right
    • Drag and drop the text to the position you want
    • When you click on the text you can change the font, color and size using the box below 'Default text'.
    • You can delete the text by selecting it and clicking the trash-icon
    • You can change the size of the text-box, by entering the Width / Height (don't forget to enter px or mm below the number for either pixels or millimeters).
  • How to add images
    • Click 'Add picture'
    • Click 'Upload'
    • Click 'Add files' and select the image you want to upload (max 1MB)
    • Click 'Start upload'
    • The image will be shown below the upload box
    • Click the image
    • The image will be shown on your ticket design
    • When you select the image you can:
      • Delete it by clicking the trash icon
      • Change the size by dragging the blue button from left to right
      • Change the position by drag-and-dropping it
  • Add dynamic fields
    • You can add specific tags like customer or event information or the QR-code by adding dynamic fields.
    • These tags can be recognized by the {{ and }} around them. You can also add these tags into your regular text-fields.
    • These are the most important ones:
      • Tickettype = name of the tickettype
      • UserFirstName / UserLastName = name of the ticket buyer
      • EventDateTime = date and time of the event
      • TimeBlockDateTime = date and start+endtime of the timeblock
      • EventLocation = location of the event
      • TicketPrice = price of the tickettype
      • BarcodeTexst = the barcode in text
      • QRCode = an image of the QR-code (don't forget to add this!)
  • Expressions
    • By using expressions you can show, hide or replace specific elements based on event information
  • Include Attachment
    • Add extra attachments to every ticket PDF (for instance house rules, or the event location)

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