It's not possible to send an invoice, but the system automatically sends out a payment confirmation for every order. When you set-up a VAT-percentage for all your tickettypes, these will be added to the payment confirmation. A copy of these payment confirmations can be used as an invoice by your customers.

There's also an automatically generated invoice added to the payment confirmation email. The lay-out of this invoice can't be changed currently.

Where do I set-up the VAT percentages?

  • Go to
  • Click the event for which you want to set VAT and click 'Tickets'
  • Click the tickettype for which you want to set VAT
  • Under price, click 'Include a tax rate (VAT)' and fill out the VAT-percentage
  • Click 'Save' in the top right
  • Repeat for every tickettype which has an active VAT percentage