How does the Scan & Beep app work?

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It's possible to scan tickets by using the free Android/iPhone Scan&Beep app. Scan & Beep uses the camera of your phone.



Issues with logging in on the iPhone app? Go to the settings menu of the app (pin: 0000) and check if the API Base URL is set to:

If not: change the URL to the one mentioned above and click the Save icon (top right). You can now log in to the app.

The standard PIN is 0000. This can be changed in the Settings-menu.

Getting started

Scan&Beep uses the camera and/or laser of your device to scan barcodes of the tickets generated from the Twelve Ticketing platform.


After downloading, installing and opening the Scan&Beep app, the app will ask to gain access to the necessary external hardware e.g. the camera. Click 'OK' to accept using your device's hardware.

Sign In


To use Scan&Beep, you can log in using your Twelve Ticketing operator account. Both platform admins and event organizers and their team can log in.


Fill in your credentials and click 'Sign in' to load the events to which you have access to.

Select events


After logging in, the app will show you the events that are configured in your account.
Select the event for which you want to scan tickets.
To download the barcodes and event data, select the event and click the 'ok' button. The scanner will show you the download progress. When the download is finished, you will be redirected to the scan screen.

Ready to scan


To scan a ticket, use the 'scan' button on the bottom of your screen. The scan screen will be activated using with the "scan in" method selected. To scan the barcode, aim the device's camera or laser towards the barcode that you can find on the ticket generated by the Twelve Ticketing ticket platform. When the barcode is scanned successfully, you will be redirected to the feedback screen.


You can switch between "scan-in" and "scan-out" mode at any time.



There are 5 types of feedback:

  • OK - Ticket is scanned and validated.
  • Already inside - Ticket has already been scanned on this or another device.
  • Already outside - Ticket has already been out-scanned on this or another device.
  • Barcode not found - the barcode on the ticket is not valid for this event.
  • Not allowed type - the app has the possibility to select which ticket type you want to validate (see configurations). This notification shows that the ticket type you scanned is not permitted in the access control.
  • Ticket is blacklisted - This ticket has been blacklisted in Operator.
  • OK - This ticket is scanned and has a specific message. You can set up a message by creating the ticket (How do I add tickets/products to an event?).

If you want to test scan first, you can choose "test scanning" in the menu. In this way you can test if a ticket would work when you scan it normally.



You can find all settings and configurations in the menu on the upper right side of your screen.


Some settings are secured with an administrator pin code. As an admin you can request the pin from your Twelve Ticketing contact (without anything changed, the code will be 0000). You can change this code at the settings.

When selecting the menu, you will see the following options:

Ticket scanning (mode)

This scan mode is the default scan mode. After scanning a barcode, the ticket will be validated and it is not possible to scan the ticket again unless it has multiple sessions configured.

Test scanning (mode)

Select this mode to use scanning without actual validation. After scanning a barcode, the ticket will not be validated so it can be scanned again. This mode is designed for testing purposes.

Manual validation (mode)

This mode allows you to type a barcode without using the scan function. You can use this in the ticket print has been blurred and the ticket is not scannable anymore.

Search tickets (mode)

This mode allows you to search a ticket by name or barcode. After your search command, the app will show you all the tickets that match your search command.

Scan statistics

This screen shows the amount of tickets that have been scanned during the period as from when the event was downloaded to the scanning app.


The screen shows different types of scans:

  • Original scans: Original tickets downloaded from the Oxynade ticket platform
  • Predicted scans: The scan app is able to predict which barcodes are used for tickets that have not yet been downloaded to the scanner. This makes it possible to scan offline without stopping your ticket sales.
  • Validated: The amount of tickets that have been validated. 
  • Rejected: The amount of tickets that are rejected due to not being found or double scans.

This screen has a reset button to clear all statistics and the scanning period.  

Scan report

The scan report shows all the event ticket types and the amount of validated scans for this ticket type. 

Sign In

Go to the login screen to load the events/data from another organizer account.

Device status

The device status screen shows a summary of network, synchronization and scan info. The following characteristics are shown:

  • Network: Online/ offline
  • Account: Logged in / not logged in
  • Last sync: Shows the time of the last data synchronisation
  • Total Tickets: Amount of downloaded tickets and the amount of scanned tickets
  • Scans: The amount of synchronized tickets and the amount of pending tickets. 
  • Pending tickets are still to be synchronized.

Select events

Load the event list from your account and select the event you want to select for scanning. After selecting the event, click 'ok' to download the event barcodes and data.


The settings screen gathers the following list of configurations:

  • Operator/administrator PIN: To change the administrator or operator pin, you can fill in a new pin code.
  • API url: The scanner uses the filled URL to retrieve the event and ticket data. It is important that you do not change this field as the scanner will not be able to retrieve info or synchronize the scan data.
  • Device name: For logging purpose, you can change the scanner name.
  • Use server validation: Twelve Ticketing has software available that allows you to connect the scan device to a computer that runs scanning software. Select this option to activate the connection. This option should not be changed.
  • Always refresh events: When the application restarts, you can select this option to instruct the application always to refresh the event data.
  • Sync interval: Select the amount of seconds that the app synchronises the scanned tickets to the Twelve Ticketing ticket platform
  • Future events: After signing in, the scanner will show all your past and future events. This field allows you to show the events of a select period in the future.
  • Past events: After signing in, the scanner will show all your past andfuture events. This field allows you to show the events of a select period in the past.
  • Sync at startup: Select this option to make sure the application will synchronize all the event and ticket data after startup.
  • Use barcode prediction: Select this option to allow prediction scanning 
  • Logging severity: Select the logging mode for testing purposes.
  • Enable Scan Out: makes it possible to scan out tickets. In this way you can check how many people are actively on-site. Keep in mind: when tickets can only be scanned once, it's not possible to scan-in tickets which have previously been already scanned-in and then scanned-out once.
  • Scan Continuously: makes it possible to directly scan a new ticket after a ticket scan. When this feature is turned off, you have to manually start a new scan after each ticket scan.
  • Allow Flashligt: turn on the flashlight during scanning. For instance when scanning in dark environments.

Select ticket types

An event may contain multiple ticket types. In case you only want to scan for a select ticket type or amount of ticket types, you can use this screen to select the types you want to scan. Select the type to allow scanning the ticket type.

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