• Go to the ‘Event’ for which you want to add discount codes
  • Click 'Promotions'
  • Click ‘New promotion’
    1. Choose the tickettype for which you want to add a promotion or create a new tickettype
    2. Add codes by uploading a file or entering a single code
    3. Enter the amount of times a code can be used under 'Specify limit' or select 'Unlimited'
    4. Click ‘Add’
  • Click ‘Add’
  • IMPORTANT: the ticketshop will now show a field for a promotion code. The tickettype which has a promotion will ONLY be shown when a promotion code is entered in this field. Promotion codes can only be entered once. When a promotion code is entered in the field but is NOT used, the promotion code will still be marked as used.
    1. Example: you want to give potential visitors a 10% discount to an entrance ticket which is normally €20. You add a special €18 discounted entrance ticket and add a promotion code to this ticket type.