• First, create a guestlist ticket:
    1. Go to ‘Events’ and select the event for which you want to send out guest tickets. 
    2. Go to ‘Tickets’
    3. Click ‘New ticket’
    4. Give the ticket a name, set 'sale status' to ready and ONLY add the sale channel 'Boxoffice' (so de-activate 'Online'). 
    5. If your event is using timeslots, please contact your accountmanager to activate timeslots for your guest tickets. 
  • Go to operator.twelveticketing.eu
    1. Go to ‘Purchase’ --> ‘Pick event’ (homepage)
    2. Click on the event for which you want to send out guest tickets
    3. Click on the amount of guest tickets you want to send out and click 'Next' (bottom right)
    4. Optional: select a date and timeslot and click 'Next'
    5. Search and select an existing buyer or fill out a first name/last name/email and click 'Create' (bottom left) to create a new buyer profile.
    6. Under 'Payment & delivery':
      • Under 'Payment(s)', choose a payment method (for free tickets, this should be 'No payment needed') 
      • Switch the 'Unconfirmed' toggle to 'Confirmed' 
      • Optional: toggle 'Send ticket(s)' on to send out the tickets. 
      • Click ‘Finish purchase’ to finish the booking.