How can I change orders?

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It is very easy to look up orders via operator. (see also How do I look up orders in the boxoffice? for more information). There are several actions you can perform in operator.

How do I re-send a ticket?

  • Find the order in the boxoffice portal (
  • Click ‘Send Ticket(s)’ and then 'Finish purchase' to re-send the tickets.
  • Click 'Send payment receipt' and then 'Finish purchase' to re-send the payment receipt.
  • Click ‘ Download Ticket(s)’ to download the tickets.

  • Add a comment if there are any specifics with the purchase. You will be given the choice of either purchase or buyer. If you choose 'buyer', this coment will appear with every purchase from this buyer. With 'purchase'only for this specific purchase. (for instance when issueing a refund or cancelling an order)
  • When removing a purchase, there WON'T be an automatic refund. Contact your accountmanager for a refund. (
  • Click 'Ticket operations’ to manage the tickets attached to the purchase.

1. Select the tickets you want to edit

2. Choose one of the following options from the dropdown on the left under the listed tickets 'Select bulk action'

  • Set as ‘Unscanned’: selected tickets will be set to un-used and will be made valid again.
  • Set as ‘Scanned in’: selected tickets will be marked as used.
  • Set as 'Scanned out': selected tickets will be marked as scanned out.
  • Set as 'Blacklisted': selected tickets will be rejected when scanned with the message "ticket is blacklisted".
  • Reissue tickets: all tickets in the order will be removed and made invalid and new tickets will be added to the order. (IMPORTANT: after adding new tickets to the order, these tickets have to be resend manually by clicking 'Send Ticket(s) in the previous screen) 
  • Download tickets: download only the selected tickets.

How do I reschedule orders to a different timeslot?

Find the order in the Operator Boxoffice, click the pencil icon, go to "Buy tickets" (1) and select "Pick time blocks" (2) in the blue bar underneath. Here you can change the timeslot, click "next" and the timeslot will be changed. (3)

New tickets can be send, by going to step 4 "Payment & Delivery", set "Send tickets" to active and click the blue button on the right with "Finish purchase".

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