• Go to ‘Events’ and select the event for which you want to add questions
  • Click 'Questions'
  • Click ‘New question’
  • Question
    1. Write down your question
    2. Set ‘Status’ to ‘ready’ to display the question during check-out
    3. As a ‘Placeholder’ write down a possible answer for your question (to show visitors what kind of answer is expected from them)
    4. Check the ‘Required’ box if an answer is always required
  • Type, choose one of the following questions
    1. Free text = an open answer field
    2. Multiple choice (single answer) = multiple choice, with only one option possible
    3. Multiple choice (multiple answers) = multiple choice, several answers possible
  • Configuration
    1. Using the 'Apply to' dropdown, select if the question is only for this event, for all events of your organisation or only for specific tickettypes. 
    2. Click 'Once per purchase' to ask the question once for the complete order. Click 'For each ticket' to ask the question for every unique ticket in the order (so when ordering several tickets of one type, the question is asked for each unique ticket of the same ticket type).
  • Click ‘Add’ top right
  • IMPORTANT: questions can only be added in one language. 

Answers to these questions can be exported using the 'Reporting' function (export of 'Questions').