How do I add tickets/products to an event?

Modified on Tue, 15 Nov 2022 at 12:39 PM

  • Under ‘Events’ choose the event for which you want to add tickets and click 'Tickets'
  • Click ‘New ticket’
  • Ticket information:
    1. Choose a ticketname and (optionally) add translations
    2. Optional: add a description when you want to give the ticketbuyer extra information (this can only be added in 1 language)
    3. Optional: show tickets in a specific order. A lower number will be shown higher in the ticketshop.
    4. Separate ticket owners: ticket buyers can share their tickets with friends. Ticket buyer will be asked for first name, last name and emailaddress of their friends. Friends will then automatically receive their tickets by e-mail.
    5. Toggle 'Sale status' to 'Ready' if you want to start the sale of this ticket. This toggle also has to be set to 'Ready' when you only want to send out tickets using the boxoffice portal. 
  • Timeslots
    • Select 'Only with timeslots' when you want the tickettype to have influence on the available capacity of your timeslots. 
    • Select 'Always' when the tickettype should not influence the available capacity of the timeslot.
  • Limits:
    1. Add a maximum amount of tickets for this specific ticket or choose 'Unlimited'
    2. Optional: set a minimum or maximum amount of tickets for this specific product which can be ordered in one purchase.
      • For grouptickets: when creating a groupticket for 4 persons, set a minimum AND maximum of 4. 
  • Scanning
    1. Set how often a ticket can be scanned. When creating a multi-visit ticket (for instance a 10-visits ticket), set a higher amount. 
    2. If the scanner has to give a custom message when scanning this product, toggle 'Set a custom warning message' on and add a message.
  • Pricing
    1. Add a price for this ticket or set the product to 'free'. 
    2. This price is EXCLUDING fees 
    3. The shown 'Payment and service fees' are setup by your accountmanager. By default, free tickets won't have a servicefee. If you want to change anything in the fee structure, please contact your accountmanager. 
  • Sale channels
    1. Select through which sale channels tickets can be orderen. Default is both Online and Boxoffice.
    2. Online: the ticket will be available in the online shop. Disable this feature for guesttickets.
    3. Boxoffice: the ticket will be available in the boxoffice portal and on a POS.
  • Click ‘Add’ top right
  • Add more tickets
  • IMPORTANT: when using a Twelve POS and creating new tickettypes, these tickettypes have to be added to the POS manually. For more information, please contact your Twelve POS accountmanager. 
  • Add ticketcategories, or:
  • Start the ticketsale

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