• Go to ‘Events’
  • Click ‘New event’
  • General information:
    1. Give your event a title
    2. Add a description to your event
      • Want to change the lay-out for your event? It's possible to use HTML.
      • Bold:
        • <strong> Llorem ipsum </strong>
      • URL:
      • New line:
        • <br>
    3. Use the dropdown to select the organizer of the event
    4. Optional: add an image to the event (image dimensions: 4x9 – height x width)
    5. Disable ticket delivery for each purchase: select this when you don't want to send out tickets directly after a succesfull payment
  • Location:
    1. Choose an existing location from the dropdown or add a new venue
    2. When using a seatmap, first create a seating plan and then add it here using 'Include a seating plan'.
  • Date & Time
    1. Choose a start- and end time for your event. Keep in mind: when organizing a multi-day event, start time is the beginning of the first day and endtime is the end of the last day. 
    2. Or choose 'No date' for a continuous event.
  • Capacity & limits
    1. Add a capacity for the venue and set a maximum number of tickets which can be sold in one order. This is NOT a maximum of tickets per product. Product minimum/maximum settings will follow further on in the setup.
  • Cancellation insurance
    1. Contact your accountmanager for more information.
  • Sale channels:
    1. When selecting 'Default', both the Online and Boxoffice sale channels will be automatically created. If you don't want to offer tickets online, choose 'Customise' and disable the Online sale channel. Disabling Boxoffice will disable the option to sell tickets using a POS or sending out tickets using the operator portal (operator.twelveticketing.eu). 
  • Click ‘Continue’ top right
  • Continue by adding Tickets (left in the menu)